In 2020, in addition to a modernized Buck® 110 Folding Hunter® Pro Knife, we premiered the Filson exclusive Buck® 106 Compadre Axe, and the Buck® 104 Compadre Camp Knife – featured for the first time in Hunter Orange from Cerakote with Tin Cloth Micarta handles. George God bless, Copyright © 2004-2020, Knife Drawings, Pass Arounds, FAQs & Other Such Stuff, ↳   AAPK Tips and Tricks -- An Illustrated FAQ Forum on Steriods, ↳   New Product Announcements and Reviews, ↳   European And Other Foreign Manufactured Knives, ↳   High End Japanese Knife Collector's Forum, ↳   Bulldog Brand Knife Collector's Forum, ↳   Canal Street Cutlery Collector's Forum, ↳   Cattaraugus Cutlery Collector's Forum, ↳   Cripple Creek Knife Collector's Forum, ↳   Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) Collector's Forum, ↳   Maher and Grosh Cutlery Company Forum, ↳   Robeson Cutlery Company Collector's Forum, Knife Related Creation, Modification, And Restoration Forums. Illustration courtesy of Buck Knives, Inc. // Home > The Filson Journal > Field Notes > History of Buck Knives: Made in America. Hoyt made each knife … Their first attempt was … Initial designs for the world-famous 110 Folding Hunter went into production and hit the market in 1964. It is a piece of history. Every Buck Knives box comes with a Christian testimony, an idea from Chuck that provides a method of giving back to the community that’s supported them all these years. He produced the first Buck knife in 1902 and initially made each new knife by hand. Buck knives gained popularity when in it introduced the iconic Model 110 folding hunter in 1963. Some guys can pull it off though… The Buck Knives Buckmaster 184 is a huge, heavy survival knife. Today, the Company produces a wide array of high quality folding and fixed blade knives that are timeless in their design and superbly effective in the field. by gunom » Tue Sep 13, 2016 11:41 pm, Post Buck Knives’ expertise in craftsmanship later resulted in the first major upgrade to the M9 bayonet. We have seen other countries that export to the United States benefit from having that manufacturing.”, The creation of wealth for a nation is the value of American-made products. Here are some notes I have saved. OH, Deep in the guts of most men is buried the involuntary response to the hunter's horn, a prickle of the nape hairs, an acceleration of the pulse, an atavistic memory of his fathers, who killed first with stone, and then with club...Robert Ruark. Perhaps you should sell it to Buck Knives as a museum piece. When Buck started production, the width of the blade was a real problem. George God bless, Hi, I had this from 1999 it's from Jeff Hubbard, Chuck Sr. wrote this, the dates seem wrong but it's worth a look . 110 & 112 Models: 1974-1980 One dot on each side of model number. While they’re a global leader in the sports cutlery industry, the journey began humbly at the turn of the 20th century. For the collectors, all of these wood handle and Lucite knives were made primarily out of files. There are major issues with the toleranc… Soon, however, a nearby commercial forging company made the blades, which were finished into knives and stamped “Buck” at his company shop. A young Kansas blacksmith apprentice named Hoyt Buck was looking for a better way to temper steel so it would hold an edge longer. In 1945, Hoyt and his wife, Daisy, left Mountain Home, Idaho, and traveled to San Diego, California, to live closer to their son Al and his family of four children. When you add on the handle length, the total length is 12 inches. Hoyt made each knife by hand, using worn-out file blades as raw mate… When Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941, B… by gunom » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:55 am, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited. “It’s the right size for everything. Created in 1963 by Al Buck, the 110 truly helped to put Buck knives on … This led to officers innovating a way to strap their pocket watches onto their wrists. Now, more than 100 years later, Buck Knives are highly regarded by people around the world for their pocket knives, fixed blade hunting knives, and other tools. I also have other notes I cannot find right now from Joe Houser and Chuck Buck. SMKW has Buck Creek Knives for sale. Free ground shipping on ALL domestic US orders. (Art In Stone), Colin Paterson adds scrimshaw to an ivory handled Case Russlock knife, All About Pocket Knives is a knife related resource center for buying, selling, researching, and discussing all things knives, Post “One of the elements of being a good manufacturer is how many of the variable processes you control,” said CJ. Buck Stainless Steel Blade Collectible Vintage Factory Manufactured Folding Knives Here are the notes I saved from C. J. Buck of Buck Knives. One such advancement since 2019 is using Cerakote, a polymer-ceramic composite paint that is applied and baked. Few were power hacksaw blades. He learned to make knives and at 13, in 1902, developed a method to heat-treat steel for hoes and other tools so that they would hold an edge longer. On the Buck 119, they certainly do not skimp on the steel by creating this knife with a nice thick slab … a thickness of about 3/16”, plenty thick for a skinning and hunting knife.This thick sturdy steel extends all the way down into the pommel, in other words the Buck … “Manufacturing takes $5 worth of raw materials and turns it into a $50 product,” CJ said. Yes, Buck Knives is a 4th generation family-owned business. | Image 2: The legendary Buck Kalinga was a favorite of Al Buck’s, so much so he said, “We like to feel that the Buck Kalinga is also the badge of authority for all sportsmen to wear” circa 1969. These were multiple shot firearms and were used primarily for hunting birds. 1980-1981 One dot on left side, two dots on right side. I will try to find them as well. That Buck 110 #317 is made from 440C stainless steel hardened to 58 HRc. The lead development metallurgist was Dick Barber who used the history of stainless steels developed by Crucible to inform the designs that were tried, including important details like the amount of chromium used, how much vanadium to achieve the … Visit The AAPK Image Gallery To See All Of Our Member's Pictures >, Colin Paterson Reworks An Elephant Toenail (re-handle / scrimshaw / filework), Mike Hoover puts stone slabs on a knife! The AAPK image gallery contains 7389 pictures for your viewing pleasure. by Old Hunter » Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:09 am, Post … by garddogg56 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:37 pm, Post Get the best deals on Buck Knives Stainless Steel Blade Original Collectible Fixed Blade Knives when you shop the largest online selection at The gleaming brass bolsters and wooden scales have been copied by dozens and dozens of manufacturers over the years. The Model 110 had modern lines, its own belt sheath and a strong and sturdy frame. “I think what we have been seeing is the detrimental impact to the United States overall by losing a lot of that manufacturing. by SteelMyHeart85420 » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:27 am, Post Hoyt Buck produced the first Buck Knife in 1902. His intent was to use the technique to heat treat the steel in garden hoes, but he would later use this same method to craft his knives. We guarantee our knives with our Forever Warranty, because we believe in the integrity of our products. The company's innovative history and attention to quality have made for many great collectible knives. Hoyt left Kansas in 1907 for the American northwest and eventually enlisted in the United States Navy. As for steel, most Buck 110 Folding Hunters use 420C stainless steel. August 20, 2020. Twelve inches is way too long for everyday carry (EDC). During the 1980s, they expanded the availability of their products from small independent dealers to mass merchants, which was the next stage of evolution for the business. Hoyt H. Buck became a blacksmith's apprentice in Kansas in 1899 at the age of 10. We stand behind our products 100%. How Old is My Knife? The Buck knives saga is said to have begun in 1902, when Hoyt Buck, a teenaged apprentice blacksmith, learned how to temper steel and make knives. We use the very best materials and state-of-the-art technology to create knives that meet the exacting demands you would expect of a high quality knife. In 1902, Hoyt and Al Buck founded Buck Knives in San Diego. The Buck 120 General knife has a blade length of 7 ¾ inches. Buck Knives is a historic American brand with a legacy that spans four generations. The 110 has a handle length of 4 ¾”, a blade length of 3 ¾”, and an overall length of 8 9/16”. Overall, I have found the blade shape to be the most practical for my needs., FILSON X BUCK KNIVES® 110 FOLDING HUNTER PRO KNIFE. When Buck relocated to Post Falls in February 2005, we took the opportunity to build a state of the art facility that implements world class manufacturing techniques. No longer H.H. He is not known to have made knives until 1941 in Mountain Home, Idaho, after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It weighs 7.2 oz. H.H. Shop Today! Please refer to this chart to find out the age of your knife. It seems more like a short sword than a hunting knife. Filson Popular for over 50 years, the Buck 110 isAmerica… Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Buck and Son, the incorporation marked the end of what Al Buck described as a “Ma and Pa Operation.”. The story of Buck knives begins in 1945 when H.H. The lines of the 110 are so familiar that I hardly need to go over them. His unique approach produced the first Buck Knife in 1902. “There was a time when ‘Made in the USA’ meant you were going to get a much higher quality of the product,” CJ said. About Buck Behind every Buck knife is over 110 years of experience and craftsmanship. The short answer is that Buck wanted to fine blank their blades and 425M was suitable and 440C wasn't; they started fineblanking with 425M and moved to 420HC a decade later. by gunom » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:04 am, Post Hoyt Buck, a young blacksmith apprentice from Kansas, discovered a better way to temper steel that held an edge longer. The symbols stamped onto your blade indicate which year your knife was made. The earliest shotguns, or “Haile Shotte peics,” as they were called, date back to the 16th century in England, where they were used for hunting by the aristocracy, chief among them Henry VIII. We had ranchers, soldiers, policemen, electricians, fishermen, hunters—there was nobody that couldn’t find a use for that knife and didn’t have that knife hanging on their belt.”. “They brought him the materials and he would make them the knives, mostly small fixed-blades, for free.”, Congress Street Factory - After incorporation in 1961, Buck Knives, Inc moved into this 3200 sq ft Quonset hut on Congress St. in San Diego’s Old Town area. It was designed in conjunction with knife companies, knifemakers, and heat treaters to learn the properties that they wanted in a knife steel. Buck 112 Ranger Folding Hunter. INGENUITY RUNS IN THE FAMILY. Huge selection. Tags: buck knives, filson 101, history, signature materials, unfailing goods, Publish Date “That’s like taking a bunch of desert out in Nevada and turning it into the Las Vegas Strip.”. History BUCK. The blade is 425 modified stainless steel and measures 7 ½” long and ¼” thick. Hoyt and his son Al moved to San Diego and set up shop as H.H. _. by gunom » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:18 am, Post For 118 years, they’ve been dedicated to crafting quality, handmade knives, and tools designed for a life lived outdoors. Hi, does anyone know why Buck changed from 425M to 420HC Thanks George God bless, He asked why, not when....I can't answer it, though. Buck knives were the brainchild of Hoyt Buck, a young Kansas blacksmith who discovered an innovative way to temper steel to make it hold an edge longer. If you are looking for a fixed or folding blade knife from Buck made with SV30 steel here are a few great options including the 110, the Alpha Hunter, the 119, the 112 Woodsman and more. BUCK’S DATE CODE CHART. by garddogg56 » Thu Sep 15, 2016 12:27 am, Post No promotional code needed. by garddogg56 » Wed Sep 14, 2016 12:18 am, Post Classic, reliable tool. Smaller version of the 110 Folding Hunter. When it comes time to put pen to page and write a knife review, I try as hard as possible to remove individual bias from my ratings. Maximize Profits in Factory Manufactured Knife Collecting, Interview With Knife World Magazine Editor, Mark Zalesky, Traditional Pocketknives Come Full Circle. AAPK has created a fantastic high value service for our members in good standing that includes: Visit our getting started page now for more details! Bad Dogg, bad Dogg - now you go sit in the corner! Buck Knives was founded in San Diego by Hoyt H. Buck after he began a love affair with knives back in the early 1900’s. While some knife guys today may turn their noses up at this, 420C has proven to be very durable and corrosion-resistant. We welcome you to come by and see how Buck Kni… Buck started production of this knife in late 1984 making 2600 that year. It's nice to see Buck is offering knives in an upgraded steel for those who … For 118 years, they’ve been dedicated to crafting quality, handmade knives, and tools designed for a life lived outdoors. Review of the Buck 120 Knife. Buck started producing straight knives in San Diego California. “When Hoyt retired, he began pastoring at a small church, and in the basement of that church he was making knives for the local servicemen,” CJ Buck, the current CEO, and grandson of Al Buck told Filson in a recent interview. “It took the market by storm because it was the first dependable production-made folding lock-back knife in our industry,” CJ said. It is their most iconic model, and true piece of Americana. Need an affordable and effective way to buy and sell knives online? Today, Buck Knives manufactures its products in Post Falls, Idaho. OH, I 'm in a round room OH called a missle cylo, Hi, Thanks very much, I think you covered everything, I knew people didn't like 425M much but I didn't know how much better 420HC is, I noticed that 425M would pit like 440C but I never knew it was a problem fineblanking, one thing for sure the 2000 edge is sharp, I wanted to have it put on a 420HC 560 the tech said that they only would say I will get a 13 to 15% edge, seems close enough, thanks again George God bless, Hi, I had to come back with my email I was using my wife's email but after about 10 try's to get back I just gave up and started over with gunom. Buck’s line was still limited to fixed blade hunting and filet knives made from files and saw blade steel. Buck struck a chord with the 110. The Buckmaster 184 Survival Knife – it’s a bit of a beast. After Hoyt retired in the early 1940s from working as a millwright on the Anderson Dam Project—a large reservoir outside his home in Mountain Home, Idaho—he seized an opportunity at a nearby Air Force base. Hoyt Buck, a young blacksmith apprentice from Kansas, discovered a better way to temper steel that held an edge longer. Make Offer - Buck Knives Special 119 Black Phenolic Handle Fixed Blade Knife NEW BUCK FB 119 SPECIAL KNIFE 2016 420HC BLADE BOVINE BONE HANDLE LEATHER SHEATH $150.00 ↳   Suggestions, Questions, Comments, Concerns, Alerts, Etc... ↳   Member Store Tips, Tricks & Instructions. The grip is long enough for all four fingers to fit. We use industry standard encryption to keep your personal information secure when placing an order. Buck Knives 117 Small Special Fixed Blade Knife W/ Sheath, 4 1/2-Inch Blade, Mini 119. It puts a corrosion-free skin on top of the knife and enhances the balance between corrosion resistance, the ability to hold an edge, and the degree of softness. Chuck and his wife, Lori, operated the company from 1979–1999. Blade Abbreviations Used by W.R. Case & Sons on Their Pocketknives, W.R. Case Knife Factory Pattern Number Reference Guide, W.R. Case & Sons Pocket Knife Age Identification, Remington Pocket Knife Pattern Number Reference Guide, European And Other Foreign Manufactured Knives. by Old Hunter » Wed Sep 14, 2016 3:04 am, Post Yes. August 20, 2020 Best deals. Usually manufacturing decisions are cost based, it seems, George, welcome back - I see you had to re-register. That said, there was never a doubt in my mind that the Buck 110 would receive a perfect score in the ‘Importance’ category. You are correct that in 1961 we started using 440C, which is a very high-carbon, high chrome steel. The history of these watches began with WWI pocket watches. CJ Buck interacts with customers on a weekly basis and just as his father and grandfather did, he is committed to ensuring that Buck Knives is delivering on the promises it makes to its customers, community, and employees. Pocket, folding, or fixed blade knives to fit your life. Image 1: CJ, Al, and Chuck Buck raise the flag at the opening of the Weld Facility in 1980. Shipping is free on all returns shipped from within the United States. “My dad [Chuck] and uncle helped out around there and would make knives, sharpen saws, and tune and service lawnmowers,” CJ said, describing their early days in the trade. Buck & Son incorporated on April 7, 1961, and the passion project of making 25 knives a week rapidly gained momentum. This was before water jets and laser cutters became available so the production options were limited. Quality made, life-time guaranteed knives for the outdoors, hunting, fishing, survival and work. Big savings. It is a fine knife, but don’t abuse it It was made at the end of 1963 and sold in 1964 during the product’s “first production run”. Buck & Son in 1947. Although I take issue with Buck’s decision to keep the 110 design more or less as is for 50 years, I can certainly sympathize with it. During WWI, many countries issued their officers pocket watches, but many of them complained about the inconvenience of having to operate the watch with two hands during combat. 1981-1986 Two dots on each side *2002 by Old Hunter » Thu Sep 15, 2016 3:09 am, Post Great prices on Buck Creek and other knives. We guarantee the lifetime of each item made by Filson against failure or damage in its intended usage. Above: The Buck 110 Folding Hunter is a classic, rock- solid blade that has proven itself over the past 50-plus years. If you are using a screen-reader and are having problems using this website, please call 1-800-624-0201 or email us for assistance. The subsequent history is vague, but apparently knife making … But, if you are a serious hunter, don’t be put off by the long blade. These first mustangs (from the Spanish mestengo, which means “ownerless beast” or “stray horse”) were the predecessors of the wild horses that roam the desert and grassland ecosystems of the Midwest and Western United States today. In 1902, his initial experiments used grub hoes for raw material until he upgraded to worn-out files and rasps. Hoyt’s contributions to the war effort ultimately led to the design of the 119 Special that is still manufactured to this day. In 1999, CJ took the realm and continues to advance the ingenuity of Buck Knives. In the 40’s he used Lucite and you know how that looks with the new Buck replica Hoyt Buck knife. “Bringing Cerakote in-house means we can control consistency and quality in the baking and the coating.”, Despite all their success, their modest roots keep them grounded. "Buck Forever Warranty" Buck will warranty each and every Buck knife to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and will repair or replace with a new Buck knife, at their option, any Buck knife that is defective. The wild horses of the West have occupied the minds of people here since they were reintroduced to the North American continent by Spanish explorers in the 16th century. Buck & Son, a Ma-and-Pa operation along the side of their house. Without a doubt, the Buck 110 Folding Hunter is one of the most famous Buck knives on the market and has some real history behind it. Al Buck revolutionized the knife industry in 1964 with the infamous Model 110 Folding Hunter. This process defines the best of the “Made in the USA” label. Buck moved to the Northwest, where he eventually enlisted in the Navy. While they’re a global leader in the sports cutlery industry, the journey began humbly at the turn of the 20th century. Despite how the online knife steel charts read, in practice the Buck 501 steel has had edge retention comparable to my VG-10 bladed pocketknives. Length. In 1902, Hoyt Buck, a 13-year-old blacksmith apprentice in Kansas, was experimenting with ways to temper steel so it would keep an edge for longer. Nearly every casual wrist watch has evolved from the classic military field watch. Hoyt’s health was failing, but he recruited Al to establish H.H. Hoyt and Al put Buck Knives on the map, but Chuck took the brand worldwide. If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this program, contact us anytime! However, the Buck knife,as it was soon be known, didn't show up in the market for years after Buck's discovery.
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