Students develop a foundational understanding of business, as well as critical thinking, communication, and decision-making skills. Manchester, New Hampshire is home to Southern New Hampshire University that offers a 100% online, 60-credit hours in Associate of Science in Business. SNHU educates over 90,000 online learners each year, making it one of the fastest-growing institutions of higher education in the United States. Academic excellence based on a school’s curriculum generally or within the selected discipline [weight = 25%], 2. Thomas Edison State University is in Trenton, New Jersey that offers an online Associate Science in Business Management that will help students achieve a high level of competency in arts & sciences, and business. Students can earn degrees at every level, including a fully online associate in business administration. This can mean managing employees, tracking inventory, or interfacing with the public to ensure that customer service is held to a high standard. is an advertising-supported site. Keiser University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The program offers full- and part-time enrollment options. These professionals oversee other employees, helping keep them organized and providing resources to make their jobs easier. The school's online business management associate degree emphasizes applicable skills, especially regarding industry-standard technology. Courses . The 69-credit program includes courses in corporate finance, foundations of marketing, management and organizational behavior, and business law. Ideal for working adults interested in making a career change and for students that are not yet sure of their career path. The program includes on-boarding sessions to ensure students are ready for online learning, interventions when a learner begins to struggle with their studies, and customized instruction that suggests content based on each student's needs and interests. The cost of earning an associate’s degree is typically lower than that of a bachelor’s degree, and we are committed to helping you find the financial solution that is right for you. Considers years of faculty experience both inside and outside of academia. With the completion rate of anywhere between 12 months and 24 months depending on your timeframe, you learn business overviews and a strong foundation of knowledge in leadership, finance, marketing, accounting, and management among others. The courseware includes foundational business concepts like accounting basics, communications, statistics, law and ethics along with principles of international business. Apply Now. Pennsylvania College of Technology opened during the Great Depression as a vocational school for people seeking work. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. In addition to offering affordable online associate degree programs, the college also offers several fully online bachelor’s degrees. Learners with fewer than 12 credits must apply as first-year students and submit high school transcripts. This fully online program comprises 24 general education and 35 business management credits. Baker University opened in 1858 as the first university in Kansas. Displays proper accreditation credentials; allowing for ease of credit transfers into a Bachelor of Business Management degree program. The fast-track programs to complete an associate degree online is available through the university’s School of Professional Studies. Develop business knowledge and critical skills in accounting, business law, human resource management and marketing in Southern New Hampshire University's Associate of Science in Business Administration program. Immaculata University is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Courses for this certificate include business applications, organizational leadership, financial accounting, and marketing management. The Andrews School of Distance Education offers a fully online associate in business. Andrews University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Candidates must submit immunization records, placement test scores, and transcripts. Program details. Areas of study under this associate degree program include entrepreneurship, marketing, accounting, general management, human resources, finance, and organizational & operations management to name a few. Students gain a fundamental understanding of business practices and methods. This 61-credit hour program also features transfer credit options. Courses explore topics in business … The associate of arts degree in general studies allows students to transfer easily to a four-year college. This 100% online program is the best choice for students who want to earn a degree while already making their way on the corporate ladder or running their business ventures. 20. This 120-credit program can be completed in as quick as 18-24 months, depending on the student’s pace. Classes use an asynchronous format, giving students the flexibility to balance their studies with personal and professional obligations. DU faculty may offer courses in one of two formats: online asynchronous or real-time virtual (RTV) learning. These courses include Principles of Macroeconomics & Microeconomics, Financial & Managerial Accounting, and Introduction to Business & Business Computer Applications to name a few. Admitted students must pledge to live by the school's faith-based honor code. Established in 1887, Campbell University is a Christian school that educates approximately 6,800 students each year, many of whom take exclusively online courses. Timeline: Online Associate Degree in Business In order to obtain an online associate degree in business, a prospective student must first apply and get accepted into a program. Insofar as salary and inflation data are relevant to a ranking, we look to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s advantage! The curriculum comprises 110 quarter credits of business foundation and general education courses. BYU-Pathways offers these certificates in subjects like commercial fundamentals, entrepreneurship, social media marketing, hospitality and tourism management, and basic accounting. Be the boss of your own future. Online Associate Degrees in Music Business 2021. Business courses cover accounting principles, business law, introduction to finance, and introduction to marketing. Cornerstone University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The university’s programs are flexible and can be completed at their own pace, allowing them to manage their schedules between work, family and personal commitments. Immaculata University in Immaculata, Pennsylvania offers online courses in the accelerated format, including associate degree programs in Business and Leadership. Students learn to use tools such as QuickBooks, spreadsheets, and databases in a business environment. That’s an amazing salary for only two years of education. Earning your business administration associate degree online is an … An online associate degree in business administration allows graduates to compete for entry-level administrative and support roles. It also offers a flexible, fully online associate degree in business. The university works with various organizations to create educational programs that meet the demands of the modern workforce. Part of the Brigham Young University system, BYU-Idaho is a private university associated with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The continuing and career education school at Assumption College offers online, career-focused learning programs with accelerated schedules. Here, in random order, we present 30 colleges and universities offering ACCELERATED online Associate degree programs in Business Management. Students can pursue a fully online associate degree in business through the school's online division, Francis Worldwide. Assumption provides admission decisions within 72 hours of receiving transcripts. Online courses associated with this program are designed in an accelerated 8-week format and begins five times per year in January, March, June, August, and October. COM has one of the top community college honor societies in the world and helps learners secure employment after graduation. Learners also choose between a cooperative work experience or an additional open elective and culminate the degree with a capstone course that synthesizes learning. It helps them prepare in management, finance, marketing, accounting, and other practices that can be applied in real-world business scenarios. Online courses use an asynchronous format. For example, students with previous college or AP credits may graduate more quickly. The school runs a generous credit transfer program. Degree candidates must earn at least 30 of the program's final 40 credits at Evangel. Evangel's online associate in business program prepares students to become religious and business leaders. The 100% online Business associate’s degree offers a rigorous curriculum they prepare and qualifies students for many entry-level roles ranging from accounting to marketing. It doesn’t deal too much on hard-core courses such as mathematics and sciences, as most of the courses are geared toward outdoor activities and hands-on experience. Medaille's associate degree in business administration will not only help you develop stronger critical thinking and writing skills but will also help you gain insight into society, globalism, and technology. Top-notch quality instruction with up-to-date and innovative technology used in the field; lead by expert faculty. Davenport University hosts campuses throughout Michigan and has a global campus for online learners. The school's online associate degree in business administration prepares learners for entry-level business roles and business bachelor's programs. According to the data provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, the annual median income for Management Analysts was $83,610 while a Post-secondary Business … Located in Gaffney, South Carolina, Limestone College offers students online degree programs through their Extended Campus including an Associate Degree in Business. The program includes general education and business concentration courses. The program helps students get a good grasp of all business fundamentals. Ranked #1, Florida SouthWestern State College charges $2,436 per year for their Associate in Science in Business Administration and Management. Associate Degree … Located in Marion, Indiana, Indiana Wesleyan University is a private evangelical Christian educational institution that offers a degree for business management students through the Associates of Science in Business degree program. The Accounting Associate Degree prepares learners to a wide range of essential skills in accounting, which include maintaining accounting systems, analyzing business records, balancing sheets, and preparing financial reports. Bay Path University is regionally accredited by the New England Commission of Higher Education (NECHE). Highly informative resources to keep your education journey on track. Students can complete the online associate degree at a faster pace than usual and can even customize their coursework. The curriculum builds both professional experience and academic knowledge and opens the door to bachelor's in business administration programs while helping learners save money on tuition. The associate degree in business management is accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). We selected the following schools based on the quality of their online associate degree in business programs, the types of courses offered, and their faculty, rankings, awards, and reputations, including each school's reputation for effectively providing quality online programs. Graduates can pursue entry-level management positions or further study through a bachelor's program, such as SNHU's business administration bachelor's program. Degree candidates also take one elective course. © 2020, a Red Ventures Company. The program includes 16-week semesters in the fall and spring and eight-week terms in the summer. These courses are readily available online with the same type of quality education as their traditional campus experience, which makes a student’s life easier in pursuing an education with a busy lifestyle. Located in Campbellsville, Kentucky, Campbellsville University offers interested students an A.S. in Business Management that equips them with right skills to establish their business careers. This 62-credit program includes general studies, religion, business, and open elective courses. Each business degree can help graduates expand their careers. Online learners also get an insider perspective from professors who are seasoned business professionals. SNHU has a generous transfer credit policy, including accepting credit by examination, and offers accelerated course schedules. The 60-credit program provides a general basic introduction to business concepts and education. The motto of is Finding the best school for you. CCU offers almost all of its adult and graduate programs entirely online, including an associate degree in business administration. Dakota State University is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Bay State College is in Boston, Massachusetts. The online program includes an AA in Business Management that helps students develop the needed skills for an entry-level position in business, and finance. Applicants need a high school diploma or GED. Interactive courses follow an asynchronous format with weekly deadlines. Business administration courses include principles of entrepreneurship, information systems for management, corporate financial management, and management communication. All courses are delivered online and are designed to equip students for entry-level careers in business. Saint Francis offers a bachelor's program in business administration that holds accreditation from the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education. Transfer applicants must submit transcripts from all previously attended colleges and universities. Range of degree programs [weight = 20%], 6. Online learners have the opportunity to earn their degree at a faster pace through transfer credits. The curriculum includes approximately 60 credits focused on both general education and core degree topics. They want to grab every opportunity for professional advancement—and there is no better time to do it than “now”! Students learn from instructors who personally live the values and principles in their professional career. Class schedules are flexible so that students can manage assignments, in-class requirements, and other priorities. The easy online associate degree program provides the necessary knowledge and skills for students to start their businesses or advance their careers. It offers an entirely online Associate of Arts in Business Management program that presents students with a wide selection of skills training to succeed in their business and management career. It provides students with a solid background to become world-class leaders and business owners with equipped skills such as organization, management, research, decision-making, and critical thinking, and leveraging technology. The school's fully online associate degree in business administration prepares students for entry-level business roles and business bachelor's programs. The courses provide a strong background in business fundamentals including accounting, human resources, and negotiating. A private, non-profit university located in Fort Myers, Florida, Hodges University offers a wide selection of self-paced associate degree programs that are easily accessible for adults who work full-time and have busy personal and family commitments. An online associate degree in business administration allows graduates to compete for entry-level administrative and support roles. Available programs include business administration, and graduates earn an Associate of Arts in Business. The school offers a flexible, online associate in business that prepares graduates for entry-level employment or further study. Dallas Baptist University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). The web and graphic design program blends artistic skills … Online associate degree programs which have all earned accreditation from official and regional accrediting agencies overseeing colleges and universities in the country. Reputation of schools and degree programs can at least in part be gauged through the school or department's publishing activity, citations, and desirability. Ranked by affordability, these 24 schools all offer online low-cost associate degrees in business. Online associate degree programs at NCC include options in business, accounting, and business management. Individuals with an associate in business administration typically seek the following jobs: Online associate in business administration graduates qualify for managerial roles across several industries. Learn business essentials — from marketing to business law and financial management — with our affordable, online Business Management Associate Degree program. Online courses use an asynchronous format with weekly deadlines. The school’s 60-credit-hour program has a set of core business courses such as Management, Basic MS Office, Principles of Financial Accounting, Marketing, Introduction to Business, Principles of Macroeconomics, Business Law, and Introduction to Computers. The specialization section includes business courses such as principles of management, business law, fundamentals of financial planning, and international business. Students may take exclusively online courses or take some classes on campus in Fort Bragg, Raleigh, or Camp Lejeune. Southwest Wisconsin Technical College is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). The school supports women learners through its innovative Social Online Universal Learning program. Candidates can apply in just 10 minutes through the Peirce website. Business classes include business computer applications, business management, and math for managers. In this program, learners take courses like federal taxation, human relations in administration, managerial accounting, and introduction to marketing. The online associate degree programs at Liberty University provide a seamless transition to an online bachelor’s program offered by the institution. Campbell University is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). Find the best online MBA programs of 2020 with this list of top-rated online schools that offer a graduate degree in business administration. Students develop strategic and critical thinking skills needed for every business decision-making, manage and organize teams within the company, and develop business solutions that are critical in business challenges. Online learners can access a comprehensive career service center, which offers job listings and career counseling. Common courses include introduction to international business, human relations in administration, business systems analysis and design, and financial accounting. They can also pursue further education through a bachelor's program. Core business classes include business principles, small business management and entrepreneurship, business law, and business computer applications. Students can take all required courses online or complete some requirements on campus. In fact, it’s a requirement for roles in virtually every aspect of business—from HR to marketing, accounting, and customer service—and can be a strong advantage when it comes to earning that promotion and moving your career to the next level. Candidates may choose to be evaluated solely on their high school performance or they may submit entrance exam scores. University of Toledo is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). Evangel University is a private university that offers flexible, Christ-centered programs. The program features classes that are required for every student such as Management, Information Technology, Financial Accounting, Business Law, Managerial Accounting, Human Relations in Administration, and Introduction to Marketing. The program is accredited by the SACSCOC or known as Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. Students can pursue a fully online associate in business studies that comprises 62 credits. Online courses use a synchronous format with set login times. Business management core courses include developing a business plan, marketing principles, operations management, and risk management. Pennsylvania College of Technology is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (MSCHE). Bethel’s Associate of Arts in Business offers two concentrations – global business, and management.
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