Note-you can use a skillet pan or griddle pan to make the sandwiches. Get Taleggio and Pear Panini Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. Read More, Your email address will not be published. Place sandwiches in the waffle iron. Slice your peach, brie and red onion. Over mustard, place turkey, brie, Peach Chutney and arugula. Heat a cast-iron skillet over medium-low heat. Place your brie cheese on top of the bottom slice. 2. Cut the bread into 3/4 inch slices. Place sandwiches … Pop the sandwich in your air fryer for 5-7 minutes at 350° Fahrenheit. See more ideas about Cooking recipes, Favorite recipes, Recipes. I know you will love this Peach Ham Grilled Cheese Sandwich. It is the perfect summer lunch to celebrate peach season! Heat a medium skillet over medium heat. 3.Place sandwiches on grill, grill for 2 minutes on each side or until lightly toasted and cheese melts. Butter one side of each slice of bread with 1 tablespoon butter. Assemble the sandwiches by layering brie, peach slices, and basil. Preheat panini press or pan over medium heat. Peach and Camembert Baguette with Basil and Black Pepper. Generously brush both sides of sandwich with oil. We used Harry and David Oregold Peaches to make to make our grilled sandwiches. I'm Maria and my husband is Josh. We love, love, love their peaches. Once it's done, the bread should be nice and crispy, and the cheese perfectly gooey. Layer 1/4th of the peach … The Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook is here. All rights reserved. This simple grilled sandwich will help you savor the final moments of summer! Serve warm. Spread 1 tablespoon of the sweet chile sauce on the unbuttered side of each piece of bread. The sandwiches only take a few minutes to make and when they are done, you will be in sandwich heaven. A simple sandwich with gourmet flavors! Theme by 17th Avenue. I love the look of this dish! Flip over, add 2 brie slices to each piece and cook another 2 minutes, allowing cheese to … I used raisin bred instead of wheat bread and it tasted great- I definitely suggest you give it a try! We usually devour the peaches right from the box, but I hid a few so we could make our sandwiches. Our kitchen is always open! Spread one tablespoon of peach preserves each onto 4 of your slices of bread. Summer always comes and goes so quickly so we need to make the most of it! Brush one side of each sourdough slice with olive oil and heat either the grill or a … Remove from grill of panini maker and repeat for the remaining sandwiches. Top with 2 slices of bacon (I broke mine in half, so I had 4 pieces to line along my bread), 3 or 4 slices of brie, and … Baked Peach Almond Brie Appetizer. Directions: 1. Top 2 slices of bread with mozzarella and a pinch of black pepper. If you are not ready to see summer go, ignore the calendar with us and make a Grilled Peach, Brie, and Basil Sandwich. Spread 1 Tbsp sweet chili sauce on non-buttered side of bread. Slice the peaches very thin and cube the brie. Butter one side of each slice of bread. Place slices of peach on un-oiled side of three slices of sourdough bread and place an even amount of brie cheese on the un-oiled side of the remaining slices of sourdough bread. I am having too much fun. It is a fabulous summer sandwich. Instead of having a sandwich with a peach on the side, just add it right in! Spread both slices of bread with mustard and top 1 slice with Brie and pear. The shortlist will be announced on 12/30/2013. We grilled our sandwiches outside because remember, we are not letting go of summer. Remove from grill and cut sandwiches in half, if desired. Toast bread and smear mayo on one side of all 4 slices of bread. Close gently and cook until golden brown and the cheese has just melted, about 3-4 minutes. Lightly brush both sides of bread slices with a little olive oil. Add brie, onion slices, peach slices, and if you are like me, add some extra brie. You can have them delivered right to your door step. In a small bowl, whisk the mayonnaise, garlic paste, lemon juice, and cayenne. What a way to start your day, right? per slice). Turn bread over and evenly spread jam over each slice. Drizzle with honey. Savor the remaining days of summer and make a Grilled Peach, Brie, and Basil Sandwich. I love this recipe! It’s an unusual combination, but, at its heart, it’s not unheard of. Pesto, Artichoke, and Havarti Grilled Cheese, Grilled Peach, Blueberry, and Goat Cheese Arugula Salad, Grilled Peach, Pesto, and Mozzarella Quesadillas. Butter the outside pieces of the bread slices. This recipe has been nominated to win my Inspired Recipe of the Year Award. Cover each piece of bread with butter and place on a piece of parchment paper. Tomato brie basil sandwich is a luscious sandwich recipe using fresh summer tomatoes, basil leaves, toasted ciabatta bread, and melted brie cheese. Peach Grilled Cheese Variations. The BEST S’mores Stuffed Cookies (Vegan!). Lightly spread one side of each slice of bread with the mayonnaise (about 1 tsp. Brown one side of sandwich over medium-low heat in a pan with some melted butter. 3. Slice peach halves into eighths and lightly brush with a little olive. Arrange the bread, butter side down, on the baking tray. Line a baking tray with parchment paper. Order Now. Place slices of peaches on top of the cheese, covering the whole surface. Turkey Peach Grilled Cheese – An unexpected sandwich combination, you’ll love the unique flavors of turkey, peaches and gooey brie in this sandwich. A simple summer sandwich with extraordinary flavors! Spray each side of sandwich with … Cut the rolls in half and spread cut sides with some butter. They are perfect in every way. Press the peach side onto a brie side to create a sandwich and place one sandwich at a time onto the grill or panini maker. Top with remaining slice and press together gently. 1. Oh, baby! The gooey, creamy brie cheese works well with the spicy peach compote and tart arugula. Cut your roll in half and lightly spread a thin layer of preserves on the top and the bottom. Stir and set aside. I have served this Peach and Brie Bruschetta recipe at so many summer parties over the years. © 2008 - 2020 Two Peas & Their Pod. Sprinkle with dill and sea salt over all slices. Both are tasty! Yum. I love this recipe! If you like this Grilled Peach, Brie & Basil Sandwich, you might also like: Disclosure-this post is sponsored by Harry and David, but our opinions are our own. Dec 5, 2016 - Explore Jane Bass's board "Brie", followed by 494 people on Pinterest. When people spot the peaches, they’re drawn to them like a summertime crush. Spread chipotle “mayo” on the other side and place on top. This is definitely not a flavor combination I would have thought of myself, but it sounds so good! Combine peach preserves, chopped peach, green onions, vinegar, red pepper flakes and white pepper. Just assemble it and dig in, but in that case, we would use olive oil instead of the butter for a purer taste. Buttery grilled bread with melty brie cheese, juicy peach slices, fresh basil, and a drizzle of sweet honey. Top a piece of the bread with sliced Brie, turkey, bacon, peaches, basil, red onion, and arugula. We love Harry and David. Cook for … This sandwich is very easy to make, it only takes 20 minutes to make at least 4 sandwiches… Your email address will not be published. We enjoy creating recipes that are simple, fresh, and family friendly. Looking for a refreshing drink? Grilled brie cheese sandwiches with peach slices, fresh basil, and a drizzle of honey. You can also make this a hot and cold sandwich. And then they discover there is brie … It’s always, always the first appetizer to disappear. 2. This recipe is also very easy to tweak, depending on what ingredients you happen to have on hand. Make hot honey: Combine honey and red pepper flakes in a small saucepan over low heat. If you’re looking for a simple appetizer to bring to a party, potluck, or holiday meal, all you need is 3 simple ingredients. I have a blog called Peas and Peaches, and I am looking for an inspiring recipe that includes both peas and peaches. 1. You can also use a drizzle of balsamic vinegar instead of the honey. Assemble sandwiches with the peach mixture and remaining ingredients just before serving. I am not ready to let summer go. We share a love of cooking, baking, and entertaining. Layer brie and bacon on top of two slices of bread and top with remaining slices. Add layers of cheese to one piece of bread. Divide peaches, brie and bacon evenly on all slices. If you do, I would love to make your recipe and post it on my blog, with linking your of course. Want to save this recipe for later? Line one side of the bread with sliced brie. Spread peach preserves on the other side and sprinkle blue cheese over the top. And the best part? Top each with remaining 4 bread slices, butter side up. The Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook is here. Preparation. This sandwich looks delicious. Place already prepared ham steak on top of the brie and place other side of the sandwich on top. Cook sandwiches until bread … The sandwich ingredients are simple-bread, brie, peach slices, basil, and honey. Preheat griddle, such as the Cuisinart Griddler, or large frying pan over medium-low heat. And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. You can read about our trip to visit Harry and David here. Required fields are marked *. Once hot, add one slice of bread to the … Check out our Sparkling Rosemary Lemonade on Cafe Zupas. Brush one side of each sourdough slice with olive oil and heat either the grill or a panini maker. Tag @twopeasandpod and hashtag it with #twopeasandtheirpod. Then top with as many peach slices as you'd like, and close up the sandwiches. Top with remaining slices, buttered side up. For gluten-free, use gluten-free bread. Place remaining bread slices, sprayed side up, over arugula. 3.Place sandwiches on grill, grill for 2 minutes on each side or until lightly toasted … Add it to your favorite recipe board on Pinterest! Congrats! Leave a comment below and share a photo on Instagram. If you’ve ever wondered the streets of Paris you know that Camembert or Brie is often smudged between baguette slices to make an easy to carry sandwich-on-the-go. Your email address will not be published. Buttered and grilled to perfection, this sandwich is gooey on the inside with a crisp outside. Cook for 2-3 minutes, or until done and flip if cooking on the grill to cook for another 30 seconds. I love to serve this Baked Peach Almond Brie Appetizer with a special cracker, or even Ginger Snap Cookies for a sweeter taste! We love sitting around the table with good food, good conversation, and good friends and family! The calendar may be telling us that summer is ending, but I am not paying attention. 15 Grilled Peach Recipes That Will Change Your ... - Delish On top of mozzarella, add cooked chicken, then crispy … It gives the perfect balance of healthy and tasty. The peaches are soft, sweet, juicy, and smell heavenly. Heat a 12-inch nonstick skillet over medium heat. 8 ounces of brie cheese (2 1 ounce slices for each sandwich) honey for drizzling Peach or Apricot Preserves. Preheat your grill, grill pan or cast iron skillet to medium high and brush the grates with oil.2. Grilled Peach, Brie & Basil Sandwich with a sweet drizzle of honey! … Place bread on grill and cook 2 minutes. I love all of these ingredients individually, but when they are combined in one sandwich…AHHH-MAZING! If you have anything like that I would love to try it out. The thick cut brioche bread was wonderful, but any artisan bread will work just fine. You can serve this sandwich without heating it. They will put you in a peachy perfect mood! 2.
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